About Face: Scott Maslen

Actor Scott Maslen set hearts a-flutter for over eight years in some of British TV’s best-loved soap operas, and then surprised us with his dancing and cooking skills! Scott’s profession is acting, but his passion is fishing. “I’m obsessive, compulsive,” he says, “Actually I call it Carp Fishing Disorder, because I try to go fishing every spare moment.” Best known for his portrayal as DS … Continue reading About Face: Scott Maslen

PCHL Film Club: The Third Man

Graham Greene’s celebrated post-war thriller set in bomb-ravaged Vienna, shown as a centenary tribute to Orson Welles. “. . . the power of the picture, the surprise, the entertainment, the film-making itself – a revelation. There’s this extraordinary sense of a world that’s come apart, accentuated by the off-centred cameras. It depicts the emergence from mass psychosis, 60 million people killed in the war, a civilization … Continue reading PCHL Film Club: The Third Man