Emma Tarlo on Entanglement

On Wednesday 2 November  local author Emma Tarlo will spoke to the Primrose Hill Community Library about her new book, Entanglement: The Secret Lives of Hair. We asked her about its fascinating subject. Q. Why a book about Hair? A. Hair is a rather extraordinary part of us. It is seductive when attached to our heads, but disturbing once disconnected. We associate it with life, … Continue reading Emma Tarlo on Entanglement

Passion: Karl Minns

Karl Minns, writer, actor, resident of Primrose Hill these past eight years, is very well­ known in Norfolk. Indeed, Adnams the beer company thought him so much Norfolk­man that they made him the face of their famous beer on TV, radio and billboard adverts for two years. His website announces, “Hello, I’m Karl Minns. I’m a comedy writer, performer and full-­time bald man. I’m one … Continue reading Passion: Karl Minns

Primrose Hill Eats: Kombucha

The Wild Fizz kombucha stall at the farmers’ market is creating quite a stir with its range of refreshing botanical tea drinks. Kombucha is a raw, low-calorie sparkling ferment that promotes many health benefits, such as increased gut health and higher energy levels. Like home-made yoghurt, once you have made your first batch, you will have all you need to make another. Gina the Wild … Continue reading Primrose Hill Eats: Kombucha

Water into Beer – The Brewery in the Crypt

London has a long history of beer making, so it should come as no surprise that Steve Reynolds and Roddy Monroe were inspired to transform the crypt at St Mary’s church on Elsworthy Rd into a micro-brewery. It all came around after a spring clean down in the crypt. After eight skips had been filled with rubbish, Roddy and Steve looked around them, and there, … Continue reading Water into Beer – The Brewery in the Crypt