Valentine’s Day on Primrose Hill

Valentine’s Day on Primrose Hill – A Poem In medieval times Valentine’s Day was thought of as the first glimmer of spring and the day birds start mating. Chaucer’s poem ‘Parliament of Fowls’ contains the first reference to Valentine’s Day as being a romantic occasion: And in a launde, upon a hille of floures, Was set this noble goddesse Nature; Of braunches were hir halles … Continue reading Valentine’s Day on Primrose Hill

Places to Find Peace in Primrose Hill

The outdoors beckons A light breeze on your face, the sound of birds proclaiming their territory, the smell of fresh rain in the air…. Even if the reality is that it is chilly and drizzling, we all know that time spent outside makes us feel better. In fact, there is now scientific proof that being outside in ‘nature’ shifts the brain towards a calmer and … Continue reading Places to Find Peace in Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill Valentine’s Ball

If you book yourself a special treat for Valentine’s Day, you could make a valuable contribution to the community at the same time. St Mary’s Church will be holding a Valentine’s Ball with all proceeds from ticket sales going to the outreach projects in the church. The event is the inspiration of Lorna Bladen, who recently moved to Primrose Hill. Lorna founded Luna Events in … Continue reading Primrose Hill Valentine’s Ball