Listening Out – Mental Health in the Spotlight

Mental health is in the spotlight at St Mary’s, Primrose Hill. Reverend Marjorie Brown and Tim Miller, the previous assistant curate, devised the Mental Health Listening Project after a previous intern identified mental health as a concern. The aims of the project are to cultivate awareness of mental health; broaden understanding of what mental health is; offer care for the well-being of the congregation; support … Continue reading Listening Out – Mental Health in the Spotlight

Pumpkin Pie

Once you’ve carved up your Halloween pumpkin, here’s a great way to utilise the flesh inside. It’s slightly adapted from a Leon recipe and is beautifully warming and spicy. Ingredients Flesh of a pumpkin, puréed 3 eggs 100 ml double cream 150 g sugar 1tsp cinnamon 1 tsp ground ginger 1 tsp fresh ginger 1 tsp star anise 1 tsp salt Black pepper to taste … Continue reading Pumpkin Pie

Transition Tipple at St Mary’s Brewery

Look out for a new ‘green beer’ made with locally grown fresh hops. These hops were grown by members of Transition groups all over Camden, harvested on Sunday 10 September and brought to St Mary’s for the brewery to produce a green hopped IPA. Green hopped beers originated in Kent, where the tradition of hop-picking goes back hundreds of years. These particular beers are a … Continue reading Transition Tipple at St Mary’s Brewery

Memories of St Paul’s Caretaker

Ron Holding tells us about his memories of St Paul’s CE Primary School, Primrose Hill… I’m still wondering how many times I have opened gates, changed loo rolls; how many teachers, how many kids; I’ll work it out later. My father-in-law was a school-keeper in Pimlico. He suggested I try for a job in a school. I had changed from being a chef to trying my … Continue reading Memories of St Paul’s Caretaker

Stanley Johnson meets Jon Snow

One night at the end of July, two literary and political titans met at Cecil Sharp House to celebrate the publication of a new political thriller called Kompromat. The author is Stanley Johnson, famous father of famous son Boris; and the interviewer, or referee, was our local Jon Snow, hotfoot from finishing his evening stint on Channel 4 News. The first thing you need to … Continue reading Stanley Johnson meets Jon Snow