Month: April 2018

Camilla Casey Howling

Primrose Hill Entrepreneurs is a regular feature. This month Peter Savic talks to Camilla Casey Howling about setting up Love Letters London. What is your connection to Primrose Hill? I’m a born and bred Primrose Hiller. I was brought up […]

Caring for Foster Children

Adrian and Bahri have been fostering for Camden for nearly two years. Here Adrian talks about the rewards and challenges of being foster carers and their experience so far. How did you get into fostering? We first considered fostering with […]

Rose Apple Tart

A delicious rose apple tart from Life of Pie. Although there are a couple of stages to this recipe, the pastry and frangipane can be made well in advance and either kept in the fridge or frozen until needed. Having […]

Under African Skies

Article By Giles Watkins. I should start this article with a confession: I am a cricket nut, and I also have great memories of Cape Town ‒ in fact my wife and I got engaged there in 2001. So when […]

Primrose Hill Photo Story

I once read somewhere a statement from a photographer which said, “If you are able to remember where and when you took a photograph, that means you’ve taken a good one.” I must admit that I have the same feeling […]

News & Views – April 2018

Surgery News The Primrose Hill Patient Participation Group reports that negotiations are ongoing for a new fifteen-year lease on the premises that were recently sold to a local buyer. The District Surveyor is involved to set a fair rent and […]

Katy Taylor

My Primrose Hill with Style Editor and resident Katy Taylor. What made you choose Primrose Hill as a place to live? I used to live in Tufnell Park,but often found myself at weekends visiting and mooching around the village with […]