Month: May 2018

Silk Road Memories

Graham Francis gave a talk for the Primrose Hill Community Association (PHCA) Open House in March on the particular parts of the Silk Road that he travelled with his wife Irene. Graham graduated in Architecture from Manchester University, where he […]

Cooking with Colour

For thousands of years ceramics have played an integral role in archaeology, helping us understand the cultures and behaviours of peoples of the past. The practice of creating objects and artefacts dates back to 24,000 BC, when ceramic figurines were […]

Local author’s latest novel set in Hampstead

Primrose Hill writer Amy McLean has released her latest novel, setting the story in the heart of Hampstead Heath. We Are Lucifer employs the thriller genre to explore protagonist Amber Quigley’s struggles with depression and jealousy. “Like many of my other novels, […]