Pups of Primrose Hill

Pups of Primrose Hill is an Instagram photography project, started by Primrose Hill resident Katy Ryder in October 2020 to tell the stories of dogs who walk through Primrose Hill park. Featured on Instagram at @pupsofprimrosehill, Katy snaps shots and tells tales of dogs she comes across in the park. Big dogs, small dogs, old dogs, young dogs, rescue dogs, pure-bred dogs, dogs with three legs … you get the gist.  

The portrait-style photographs feature dogs of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds and are taken in various locations on Primrose Hill, usually at random, capturing each pup in their natural state and giving a small glimpse into their story. In some cases, this means highlighting wider issues in longer-form content, as a way to educate and entertain the community. 

Since its inception in October 2020, the project has amassed a considerable social media following in the local community and across London. The project peels back a small curtain on the local residents and their beloved pooches, and also wider issues affecting everyone who visits Primrose Hill with their pups and beyond: how to respect dogs on the lead / nervous dogs, what to expect with ageing dogs nearing the end of their life, dogs with disabilities, the perils of ear cropping, how to avoid dog theft etc…

Katy is a tech marketer by day and an amateur hobby photographer with a passion for animals, storytelling and capturing moments. The project was born as a social experiment and community initiative to showcase the stories of the dogs which pass through the park every day. What started as simply a creative outlet has grown to have nearly 2,000 engaged Instagram followers, with plans to engage with local Camden businesses to promote products, people, places (and of course, pups). 

Instagram: @pupsofprimrosehill

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