Kale Curry – My Primrose Hill Kitchen

Embrace the onset of autumn with this fragrant vegan curry that is perfect for an easy week-night supper. Creamy and comforting, it’s perfect with basmati rice or served alongside roast chicken. Whether you eat the chilli garnish depends on how brave you are feeling! For those who cannot imagine curry without a beer, Bottle Apostle provide some ingenious pairings. Ingredients (Serves 1–2) A big bunch … Continue reading Kale Curry – My Primrose Hill Kitchen

Primrose Hill Eats: Moussaka

With the summer holidays in our midst, transport yourself to the Aegean with this classic recipe from Lemonia. It can be prepared family-style using a 15” x 10”ovenproof dish, or in smaller dishes for individual portions. Ingredients (serves 6–8) 2–3 medium aubergines 2–3 medium courgettes 2 medium potatoes Olive oil for frying 1 lb lean lamb mince 2 medium onions, coarsely chopped 2 cloves garlic, … Continue reading Primrose Hill Eats: Moussaka

Primrose Hill Eats: Lemon drizzle cake

Capture the spirit of spring in your kitchen with this easy signature recipe from Sweet Things. If you prefer to use the all-in-one method, cream the cake ingredients (except the milk) in a food processor, adding milk as necessary at the end to achieve dropping consistency. Sweet Things’ top tips for successful baking All ingredients should be at room temperature when you start (gently microwave … Continue reading Primrose Hill Eats: Lemon drizzle cake

Asparagus soup with wild mushrooms, poached egg and lardo

Celebrate Spring the Odette’s way, making the most of the freshest, well-sourced ingredients and adapting to the seasons. This colourful starter maximises the delicacy of new-season asparagus and embraces the spirit of Easter with its poached egg adornment. Burford Brown eggs are readily available and have particularly striking yolks. Ask your butcher or local deli to slice the lardo; if you can’t find lardo, thinly … Continue reading Asparagus soup with wild mushrooms, poached egg and lardo

Magic Village Primrose Hill

Magic Village is a new virtual reality Primrose Hill website, a place for people to find out and experience the neighbourhood online and a community marketplace to promote local business in new immersive ways. Local Primrose Hill retailers, cafes, pubs and restaurants will gain a free new online presence where visitors both near and far can get a feel for the space they inhabit, learn … Continue reading Magic Village Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill Eats: Kombucha

The Wild Fizz kombucha stall at the farmers’ market is creating quite a stir with its range of refreshing botanical tea drinks. Kombucha is a raw, low-calorie sparkling ferment that promotes many health benefits, such as increased gut health and higher energy levels. Like home-made yoghurt, once you have made your first batch, you will have all you need to make another. Gina the Wild … Continue reading Primrose Hill Eats: Kombucha