Silent Movies at the Film Show

After an unscheduled winter break while the floor of the library was being repaired, the monthly film shows there resumed in triumphant fashion on 7 March with an exhilarating evening of early silent movies. A packed and enthusiastic audience enjoyed the excitements of The Great Train Robbery, which was made in 1903, and a full-length action drama entitled The Signal Tower (1924). The programme was … Continue reading Silent Movies at the Film Show

PCHL Film Club: The Third Man

Graham Greene’s celebrated post-war thriller set in bomb-ravaged Vienna, shown as a centenary tribute to Orson Welles. “. . . the power of the picture, the surprise, the entertainment, the film-making itself – a revelation. There’s this extraordinary sense of a world that’s come apart, accentuated by the off-centred cameras. It depicts the emergence from mass psychosis, 60 million people killed in the war, a civilization … Continue reading PCHL Film Club: The Third Man

PHCL Film Club: Mona Lisa – 2nd June 2015

Remember King’s Cross as it used to be . . .
PHCL Film Show presents: Mona Lisa – 2nd June 2015
Starring Bob Hoskins & Cathy Tyson
Director Neil Jordan
UK  1986  104 minutes

With much of it set around Highgate and King’s Cross before it was re-developed, Neil Jordan’s dark, romantic crime-drama stars Bob Hoskins as a small time loser employed as a chauffeur to an enigmatic, high-class call girl. Continue reading “PHCL Film Club: Mona Lisa – 2nd June 2015”