Boy Talk – Headcase Barbers

October 25th sees the launch of Headcase Barbers: Primrose Hill. You can get an excellent haircut and if you sign up, it’s free (who doesn’t love a freebie) but this […]

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Keturah Brown Goes Digital

On The Hill had a chat with Keturah Brown boutique owner and designer Goug Wilcox and Celyn Cooke, responsible for the brand’s new digital strategy. Regent’s Park Road, with its […]

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Rock up to Oskar Pink

Inside Oskar Pink’s hair salon hangs a local Neves guitar, designed by Deicola Neves, the owner of Camden Guitars. Musically talented customers are encouraged to have a strum post-haircut, while […]

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Sam’s Café Primrose Hill

UPDATE 23 May 2019: Sam’s Café is moving into L’Absinthe’s building (40 Chalcot Road) after being closed at it’s current location for several months Primrose Hill welcomes the new café […]

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A Happy High Street?

Our urban environments are always evolving and Primrose Hill is no different. Local businesses make a significant contribution to the unique ‘village’ lifestyle enjoyed by Primrose Hill residents. Micael Johnstone […]

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