Aristocrats of Jazz – Emily Dankworth

The other day I heard (we moles have phenomenal hearing) a jazz version of ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ that did my heart good. The woman who was singing put me in mind of that night when Johnny Dankworth and Cleo Laine came up the hill and she sang to him. That was special. And this woman sounded just like her. The voice that The … Continue reading Aristocrats of Jazz – Emily Dankworth

Arthur Rackham, the Primrose Hill illustrator

One hundred and fifty years ago this month, the well-known illustrator Arthur Rackham was born in London. Throughout his life he illustrated more than 65 books, including Shakespeare, the Brothers Grimm and Charles Dickens. Many of his most celebrated illustrations were done at a time when Rackham lived in Primrose Hill Studios off Fitzroy Road. Primrose Hill Studios were built in 1877-82 as artists’ studio … Continue reading Arthur Rackham, the Primrose Hill illustrator

Humus and HS2 with MP Sir Keir Starmer

Our local MP Sir Keir Starmer talked to Micael Johnstone just before the general election about food, politics and some of the hot topics impacting on Primrose Hill. Keir Starmer looked surprisingly fresh-faced and relaxed as he arrived for our interview, closely followed by various aides and Labour Party campaigners scurrying to escape a brief summer shower. It had been a pretty hectic few weeks … Continue reading Humus and HS2 with MP Sir Keir Starmer

Hands & Skulls – Patrice Moor

Hands. You can’t tell a mole anything about hands. That’s what we are, a pair of hands attached to a little furry body. So when this artist says she’s got an exhibition of paintings of hands at an Oxford college I thought I’d give it a go. The hands were all right, but those lawns! I couldn’t wait. Certainly left my mark there. Patrice Moor, … Continue reading Hands & Skulls – Patrice Moor

Guy Hills – The Man in the Dashing Tweeds

Spending time with Guy Hills is like being in the company of Caractacus Potts. As soon as we meet, he hands me a device he’s been tinkering with, a radio he’s making for his son. It’s the first warm day of the year and Guy is wearing a light-weight cream-striped suit with a casual jumper underneath. He looks as if he’s been disturbed midway through … Continue reading Guy Hills – The Man in the Dashing Tweeds

Primrose Hill People: Nick Crane

According to the Daily Mail, Nicholas Crane, co-presenter of Coast and prize-winning author, is a ‘national treasure’. He modestly assures me that they haven’t always been so complimentary towards him. I meet Nick to talk about his masterwork of a book: The Making of the British Landscape. It is the story of how humans have shaped our habitat and how it has shaped us in … Continue reading Primrose Hill People: Nick Crane

Frances Ruffelle – Queen of the Wild Party

In a special interview for OTH, West End and Broadway star and Primrose Hill resident Frances Ruffelle discusses her latest role and why she’ll always consider the Hill her home (despite all the estate agents). Exclusive offer available for OTH Readers for this show. Get 55% off tickets using the following link: Frances Ruffelle has been living in Primrose Hill for twenty years and has … Continue reading Frances Ruffelle – Queen of the Wild Party

Lucie Allison on Wreaths

As you kiss under the mistletoe, be mindful that the plant was once said to have mystic properties. Likewise, holly was considered sacred by pagans. Because of these beliefs, a sixth-century Catholic bishop banned Christmas foliage as being ‘dangerous and heathen’. Savouring the thought of being dangerous and heathen, I seek out Lucie Allison to ask about the wreaths she makes. If you were fortunate … Continue reading Lucie Allison on Wreaths