Meat Free Mondays in March in Primrose Hill

Did you know that an estimated 2000 people a week in the UK are converting to meat free diets, and vegan food sales have increased over a thousand fold in the last year? Transition Primrose Hill are working on a way to make eating vegetarian and vegan meals fun and easy, while giving our local restaurants a boost on quiet days and nights. After all … Continue reading Meat Free Mondays in March in Primrose Hill

Keep your cool

On sunny summer Sundays the population of Primrose Hill seems to explode, as fellow Londoners and savvy tourists flock to enjoy our wonderful views, shops and eateries. This is great for local businesses and brings a buzzing holiday vibe. However, the sea of merry picnickers on the hill and minor traffic chaos on Regent’s Park Road can feel a little overwhelming, especially as the mercury … Continue reading Keep your cool

Train Body Brain

Wendy MacLennan has a mission to create a teen mental health revolution. Last September she set up the Train Body Brain method, a 45-minute fitness nirvana to enable teenagers to take control of their own physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The sessions involve high-intensity interval training, positive affirmations and mindful meditation. Wendy explained that setting up Train Body Brain came about partly from witnessing the … Continue reading Train Body Brain

The Back Maintenance Massage

The Back Maintenance Massage by the Garry Trainer Clinic Hippocrates claimed that “Massage is the mother of all therapies”, with the implication that it should be the cornerstone of any clinic. In Primrose Hill we are blessed to have Garry Trainer, who intuits through massage which parts of the body need further attention. Garry has been named by The Times as ‘Britain’s Top Back Specialist’, … Continue reading The Back Maintenance Massage

Spring Well-being

If you’ve over-indulged over Christmas and are [still] feeling guilty, don’t worry. Look at Nature. What are the animals doing? They’re curled up doing very little with a massive supply of food beside them. Follow suit and hold out until spring for the detox. Until then, store your reserves, rest and nourish yourself. Until then, here are a few gentle ways to prepare. Have a … Continue reading Spring Well-being

Places to Find Peace in Primrose Hill

The outdoors beckons A light breeze on your face, the sound of birds proclaiming their territory, the smell of fresh rain in the air…. Even if the reality is that it is chilly and drizzling, we all know that time spent outside makes us feel better. In fact, there is now scientific proof that being outside in ‘nature’ shifts the brain towards a calmer and … Continue reading Places to Find Peace in Primrose Hill