Afloat On The Hill

As an inhabitant of Cumberland Basin, overhearing visitors on St Marks Bridge discussing my lifestyle is a daily occurrence. Whilst a few do have to be convinced that, yes, people do live on the boats, the comments I hear most frequently are “Wow! Look at that big Chinese boat!”, “What a beautiful place to live” and “But I bet it gets cold in winter…”. For me, … Continue reading Afloat On The Hill

PupAid Dog Show

It’s September and time for Primrose Hill to host one of the highlights of our local calendar-the PupAid Dog Show! Now in its fourth year on the hill, this fun event attracts families and their canine companions to come to the park and enjoy taking part in celebrity judged classes, to have a go at an agility course or to browse the boutique doggy shopping … Continue reading PupAid Dog Show