About Face: Matthew Wright on Fishing

I’m not stupid. I know when I say I go fishing people think I’m some kind of dullard who gets his kicks spending an inordinate amount of time doing nothing on riverbanks in the expectation that something might happen. Non-fishers invariably think angling boring, dull, slow, fiddly and boring. Did I mention dull? Matthew Wright

I can’t remember who said there’s a fine line between fishing and standing on the bank like an idiot but they weren’t completely wrong. Fishing can be boring. It can be dull, too, but it can also be anything but. When I first met my wife, before she even knew she was going on a date with yours truly, I told her boldly: “I go fishing to the most beautiful places around the world. You could learn and come with me or stay at home on your own”.  Continue reading “About Face: Matthew Wright on Fishing”