News & Views

News and views from around Primrose Hill this February. Marathon des Sables – Fundraising for St Mary’s Jonathan Brandling-Harris runs the Neighbourhood Watch in Primrose Hill, and the question he gets asked most by residents is “What more can we […]

Benches in Honour of Arthur Rackham

Born 19 September 1867, English illustrator Arthur Rackham was recognised as one of the leading literary figures during the Golden Age of British book illustration. Famous for drawing images of fantastical woodland creatures and enchanted trees, Rackham’s influence continues to this day, […]

Primrose Hill Pets

By Nicola Manasseh. Gail Levy has been owner and manager of Primrose Hill Pets for almost twenty-seven years, so it’s no surprise that she is passionate about animals, and especially dogs. Gail used to breed, show and judge Dalmatian dogs; […]