Ava’s Story – by Rachel Osborn

Everyday is normal right? Everyday you wake up dreading to go to school for a whole week. My life is everything but normal! It all started at school…

Josie and me were walking to Spanish class talking about the homework. As we came in, Miss Lunes had a strangely worried face.
‘Sit down girls. No talking please, she whispered whilst nibbling her lips. I sat down with a thump in my chair. I got an odd look from Hanna, my partner.
‘What!’ I questioned glaring at her.

The lesson seemed to go on and on and on.
‘Now girls- Miss Azuler is going to do an announcement on the tannoy. So all of you HUSH!’ shouted Miss Lunes. I looked at Josie wondering what was going on. I mouthed it and Josie shrugged. I looked away before I got the giggles.

‘Good Afternoon girls! Now can you all hear me?’ spoke a little box in the corner of the room.
‘YES’ we all chorused back. Miss Lunes gave us a death stare and looked away.
‘She looks as if she guts tears in her eyes’ the little box carried on speaking.
‘Right girls- as you know all we are in a pandemic called Coronavirus. The school governments and me have been questioning where it is safe for schools to carry on and whether to put normal life on hold. We have reached that stage where it is not safe AT ALL for children to carry on going to school. From now on, we will all be working at home and you will all be home-schooled. School will be closing before lunch. All of your parents have been sent this email informing them every information they need. If any of your books are in any other classes or in any other buildings please collect them before we close. School will be closed until further notice. Please do not worry about any of this! You are all in safe hands. Thank you for listening to this,’ Miss Azuler’s voice echoed around the room, giving me shudders, the voice of doom. I looked around the room. Everyone’s face was shocked and scared. It was as silent as clear water until…
‘SCHOOLS OUT EVERYBODY!!!’ yelled Trevor from the back of the room.
‘FREEDOM!!!’ yelled Lola. The classroom was filled with laughter and screams. Miss Lunes weekly smiled. Trevor got up from his chair and climbed onto the table dancing. Miss Lunes tried calming him down. No one could calm down Trevor, he was like a monkey in a cage.
WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE!!’ screamed the teacher from next door. Miss Lunes shrugged.
‘You can go now,’ she mumbled. Her expression was so sad and scary. I ran out of the classroom not wanting to be late for Maths. The rest of the morning felt like it never existed. I felt like a ghost and this was my mournful past. Finally, the bell rang for the end of the day. This was my first year at this school but it felt like the last ever year. Will I ever make it out of this hell? Why us? Why me? This voice rang in my head, making sure I never let go of these words. I wanted to hide. I wanted to leave.

Sprinting out of the school building, I forgot to look as I crossed the road.
HEY! WATCH MY CAR! YOU COULD OF BROKEN HER!!!’ shouted a man from his window. I mouthed sorry as I carried on with my marathon. I did not look twice at school. Ever again.

Eventually, I was home. I was safe from this monstrous illness. At least that was what I thought… Slowly, I dragged my bag upstairs and flung it onto my bed.
‘Ava,’ croaked a voice from upstairs.
‘Dad?’ I asked as I scuttled upstairs. The voice came from my parent’s bedroom.
‘Ava. Do not come in,’ muttered dad. I ignored and pushed the door.
‘Dad? Are you ok?’ I asked as I felt his forehead. It burnt my hand. I shook it furiously.
‘No! Don’t come in. I have corona,’ he murmured as he coughed his last word. The words hit me like a bullet. Corona, no and go, swam around my head. The world span around me I could not take it anymore. My legs were weak, they gave up. I crashed to the ground.

‘AVA. Wake up. PLEASE,’ loomed this voice above me. My eyes squinted at the bright light. Blobs of blue and white flooded into my eyes. My eyes adjusted to everything. Everything flooded in, burning my eyes. I was not at home instead I was in this blue box and white blobs. There were other beds next to me, people in white and blue outfits that looked like surfs.

Above my head was a face.
‘MUM,’ I whispered.
‘I am here darling’ she answered. She seemed so far away.
What was wrong with me? Am I ok? Why am I in this room? Why am I not at home? Mum must have seen my worried and confused look and nodded.
‘Ava, you are in hospital because you have a really bad case of corona. You must have got it from school or the public transport because you have it really bad. Oh. Why is life so hard?’ cried mum. The door opened and in came a man in a dazzling white suit.
‘Umm, Mrs Runner. I am afraid you can’t see Ava anymore otherwise you will get it as well. You have to now stay at home for two weeks and then you can see her again. I am afraid her heart disease has gotten bad to serious and now with Coved… It could end nasty,’ mentioned the doctor as he fiddled with his clipboards. I… have…. Heart…. Disease. That explained the chest pain. Suddenly, my monitor beeped like a fire alarm but then it stopped. First it was colour then pitch black. Then nothing…

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