Pauline Baines at 100 Years

Local Primrose Hill resident Pauline Baines recently celebrated her 100th birthday. Born in Brighton on 9 October 1917, Pauline came to North London at the age of five with her parents, going first to a small school in Hampstead, then to Brondesbury and Kilburn School for Girls when the family moved to Willesden Green. Pauline wanted to go to university to study languages, but with … Continue reading Pauline Baines at 100 Years

The Paddington 2: A glimpse into a secret world

Children from Haverstock school met crew of set of the film Paddington 2. Tall security marshals guarded a secret entrance to the Paddington 2 film location. Our identities checked, confidentiality agreements signed, a wave of intimidation hit us when we were ushered into Paddington’s world. Strange black balloons, as big as beach balls, floated eerily amongst the mist – it turned out they helped reflect the … Continue reading The Paddington 2: A glimpse into a secret world

Sam’s Café Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill welcomes the new café on the block, Sam’s Café on Regent’s Park Road. A cross between an American diner, a Parisian café and serving British food, the café has its roots steeped in literature, music and film. Sam’s Café is the creation of Sam Frears (son of film director Stephen Frears and Mary-Kay Wilmers) and the Scottish novelist and non-fiction writer Andrew O’Hagan. … Continue reading Sam’s Café Primrose Hill

Dick Bird’s Primrose Hill Diary

My Auntie Kathleen always had a dog. More precisely, she had a series of dogs, all of them rescued, all of them extremely badly behaved and all of them called Roger. “Get down, Roger!” When asked what breed any of them was, she always replied: “He’s a Bitzer.” Impressed but uncertain eyes would rest on Roger until Auntie, with classic timing, added: “Bits of this, … Continue reading Dick Bird’s Primrose Hill Diary

Windows on the Past: The Chalk Farm Tavern

Windows on the Past throws some light on buildings and businesses in Primrose Hill. Small Inn Attached to a Farm Lower Chalcot was an ancient farm sited up a lane which led west from the main Hampstead road. It may have offered refreshments from a very early date, as it was a convenient stopping place for those journeying north/south. The first definite reference to a tavern … Continue reading Windows on the Past: The Chalk Farm Tavern

The Hemming & Marr Show

In October, Primrose Hill artists Adrian Hemming and Andrew Marr held a joint exhibition at Art Bermondsey Project Space. Included in the catalogue was an account of their artistic friendship which is reproduced here. Marr . . . on Hemming Painting is, necessarily, a solitary occupation. Everything that matters most about it takes place silently, in the brain of the painter. In the studio, when … Continue reading The Hemming & Marr Show

Salmon fishcakes with lemon and garlic spinach, poached egg and hollandaise sauce

Recreate the most popular dish at Sam’s Café at home and accompany with a classic rock and roll soundtrack. Ingredients (serves 4) 400 g skinless salmon fillet 500 ml white wine (or fish stock) 400 g potato, peeled, cooked and mashed 50 g red onion, finely chopped or grated 100 g chopped herbs (e.g. dill, parsley, tarragon, chervil and chives) Maldon sea salt and ground … Continue reading Salmon fishcakes with lemon and garlic spinach, poached egg and hollandaise sauce

Listening Out – Mental Health in the Spotlight

Mental health is in the spotlight at St Mary’s, Primrose Hill. Reverend Marjorie Brown and Tim Miller, the previous assistant curate, devised the Mental Health Listening Project after a previous intern identified mental health as a concern. The aims of the project are to cultivate awareness of mental health; broaden understanding of what mental health is; offer care for the well-being of the congregation; support … Continue reading Listening Out – Mental Health in the Spotlight