The Coronavirus Outbreak – by Sam Sturdy

Once in a small market in China, a 20-year-old man was selling fish. The man was called Jim and he had not been doing very well with business.
Jim said, “What a bad day like always.” Ten minutes later, a country man came along and said “ ‘ello mate. I’ll be needin some of your finest fish y’all.” Jim said in a deep voice, “OK sir.” and handed him 2 bad smelling salmons from a fridge he kept behind him. “Here you go” he said gruffly.
“G’day mate.” said the old man while skipping off into the distance. “I don’t see what’s so good about it.” Jim muttered to himself. Now that old man lived on a farm and that very same day at 6:30pm he ate the fish.

Two hours later, the old man muttered to himself “I’m not feelin’ too good.” Then suddenly he fell on the floor and was choking on the salmon. He threw up the fish and said to himself “What was that sonny?”
He was so ill that he went to bed for three days and in that time, he was coughing a lot and throwing up. No one was looking after him apart from his two pigs and cows which weren’t doing much to help. Unfortunately, three days later, he passed away due to the fish and this was just the beginning.

After that, the police caught the man selling salmon because it was 4 years past it’s sell-by date. From the old man’s death, they took the body and buried it in the park where the market used to once be but sadly five more people died, and this is how the coronavirus began.

The moral of this story is: Never trust people with bad smelling stock and always check the sell-by date!

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