UFOs on Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill park at night has always been a good place for sky-gazers to congregate. But in recent weeks, more people than usual have climbed the hill to investigate UFOs.

There has been an uncanny increase of unexplained global activity recently, both in the skies and on land. From the giant metal ball which was found on a Japanese beach, which no-one can account for, to the ‘spy balloon’ shot down in the US, unidentified objects are becoming regular occurrences. Smaller objects have also been spotted this month in Alaska, Canada and above Lake Huron. World leaders are taking it seriously; President Biden addressed the nation on the issue, and Rishi Sunak has pledged our government will do ‘whatever it takes’ to police UK airspace.

Add some comets and meteoroids into the mix and it will hardly come as a surprise that astronomers and alien hunters are out there in droves.

People in Primrose Hill are keen to be part of the action; astronomers have been heading to the summit and to corners of Regent’s Park which aren’t as affected by street lights. Camden’s astronomy groups are reporting a surge in interest with people setting up telescopes in the parks.

Literary alien hunters will no doubt be aware that H.G. Wells wrote about Martians landing in Primrose Hill in his novel The War of the Worlds. So if they’re coming, here is as good a place as anywhere!

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