Friends of Chalcot Square Garden’s Committee

By Ian S Ferguson, Chair

Chalcot Square sits right in the heart of Primrose Hill, surrounded by multi-coloured terraced houses built in the 1850s. Located just south of Regent’s Park Road, accessed by Sharpleshall Street and Berkley Road, but with no through vehicle access from the top of Chalcot Road (other than fire engines), it is a haven of tranquillity.

The Gardens in the middle of the Square are the responsibility of Camden Council – in liaison with the Friends of Chalcot Square Gardens Committee. While the Committee is formally constituted as required by the Council, we very much act as resident volunteers committed to the maintenance and development of this lovely square, which is, of course, everyone’s responsibility.

The Committee’s role

  • Planting ‒ the Committee supports and comments on Camden’s plans for the trees, shrubs and other planting – including the grass, half of which was successfully reseeded over the autumn and winter. On our own behalf we have an annual daffodil planting session to ensure plenty of spring colour.
  • The fabric of the square − the gates, fencing, benches and small playground need constant attention. Historically, the Committee led the design, funding and installation of the playground and central benches.
  • Signage − in such a small but busy square, signage is essential to indicate the rules regarding dogs (none), ball games (none), care regarding the grass and planting, and parties (which we welcome provided they stick to Camden’s guidance on size and noise level).

Perhaps more importantly, the Committee has a social role – in particular, running both our very popular Christmas Carol Concert and our End of Summer Party in early September.

Over the years, much effort has been expended in keeping the Square as lovely as it is – and ensuring Camden Council fulfils its duties. Fortunately, our relations with Camden are good and constructive.

Two past stalwarts of the Committee were Judy Rich, who sadly died recently but was crucial to the formation of the Committee; and Caroline Strachan, who carried the weight of garden liaison with Camden until last year (now taken over by Sandy Rattray). Other committee members have been much valued too, of course.

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Photo Credit: Jason Pittock

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