Primrose Hill Meat Free Mondays in March

Primrose Hill Meat Free Mondays in March

Happy Meat Free Mondays!

Every Monday in March restaurants, pubs and cafes in Primrose Hill will be offering a special vegetarian or vegan option.

Transition Primrose Hill are working on a way to make eating vegetarian and vegan meals fun and easy, while giving our local restaurants a boost on quiet days. The popular hashtag #MeatFreeMonday has inspired us to create our own initiative and now working with

#MeatFreePrimroseHill Competition

Participating eating establishments will be listed and widely promoted on social media and there will be a competition for the best vegetarian or vegan menu item.

Diners will be encouraged to share photos of their meals on Instagram using hashtag #MeatFreePrimroseHill, and there will be a prize for the best photograph such as yummy vegan or veggie mushroom pate from Pate Moi, vegan cupcakes from Primrose Bakery, prizewinning vegan gluten free carrot cake from Elizabeth D.


Join the other businesses and people in Primrose Hill by signing up to improving health, the environment and trade with Meat Free Mondays in March!

Download Press Release & Media Kit here.

Eateries signed up so far: Lemonia, L’Absinthe, The Landsdowne, GreenberryThe Princess of Wales, The Queens, The Engineer, Primrose Hill Bakery, Sam’s Cafe, and The Oldfield lunch club.

This Monday Sylvia’s Diner at Oldfield will be serving some yummy ‘Vegetarian Wellingtons’, using brioche with veggie filling of mushrooms, rice and spinach , made specially for us by chef trainer Michael Wright. Ring 0207 586 8327 if you want to come along.

Greenberry Cafe will be offering an entirely VEGAN set menu tomorrow for #meatfreemondays from 12-3 as follows : shiitake mushroom and kale soup (starter) roast cauliflower salad with herbs, pomegranate, dukkah and sweet potato hummus (main course), double nut and Valrhona chocolate ice cream (dessert) any two courses £13.50 three courses £15.50

Chloe offering dairy free alternatives in coffee for same price as milk.


Sam’s Cafe:
“Sam’s Cafe think Meet Free Mondays in Primrose Hill is a brilliant initiative and we are absolutely delighted to be included.”

The Princess of Wales (2 of bar staff at the Princess are vegans themselves):
“One day a week being Meat Free seems like a great idea. It will also be effective for promoting businesses in Primrose Hill and shows we can provide something different for those who are interested.”

Primrose Bakery:
“We were happy to take part as all of our baked goods are in fact vegetarian! In addition, we make completely vegan cupcakes, so our new Monday special in March will be a selection of vegan chocolate and vegan vanilla cupcakes! It was natural for us to want to take part as we love animals and our bakery embraces offering cakes to suit all dietary needs and personal preferences.”

Mary Portas:
“Primrose Hill has the most wonderful mix of restaurants, cafes and pubs. I ought to know as I use them often. It’s such a great idea that they will be offering extra veggie and vegan options on Mondays throughout March. Perfect, especially after a Sunday!”

Annabel Leventon who lives in Primrose Hill and is an actress and singer:
‘Meat Free Mondays – what a great idea. I’ve been a vegetarian for years and am now moving towards being vegan. I shall start going to my local restaurants on Mondays now. Thank you, Transition Primrose Hill. Keep going!’

Joanna Lumley:
“This is such a simple and utterly brilliant initiative. Being a vegetarian myself, I have noticed that people can be a bit scared of contemplating a meal without meat or fish. By having meat-free Mondays ( thank you, never-not-brilliant McCartneys) there is a chance to try sensationally delicious and filling food, which has killed nothing, confined nothing and kisses the planet on the lips.
I LOVE Transition Primrose Hill for masterminding this idea, and I applaud it with all my heart and a napkin tied round my neck.”


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Did you know that an estimated 2000 people a week in the UK are converting to meat free diets, and vegan food sales have increased over a thousand fold in the last year?

Sales of vegetarian and vegan food have rocketed over recent years due to rising public awareness of benefits to personal health and the wider environment.
A huge surge in recent press coverage of the subject has also moved the issue up the agenda and it is now bang on trend, creating a massive marketing opportunity.

One acre of land can yield 11,000 kilos of potatoes but only 110 kilos of beef. Nearly a third of greenhouse gases come from eating meat and from raising cattle, more than cars, planes, and other forms of transport altogether, so learning to love veggies must be good for the planet as well as for us personally.