Hear My Cry

Hear My Cry is local artist Jennifer Louise Martin’s first film and is based on her personal experience of suffering from postnatal depression.

Jennifer will be discussing her film at the Organic Pharmacy on Wednesday 22nd June evening:

Starring Jennifer as herself and model Marlen Fjelstad playing her alter ego, the film was directed by multi-disciplinary artist Aaron Bevan-Bailey and film director and stylist Beth Buxton.

The emphasis is on the new mother trying to maintain the ideals of a social construct, yet tormented by the trickery of her mind and her symptoms of the destructive illness. Her alter ego takes the viewer on a journey of obsessional thinking, the repetition of the mundane, overwhelm, loss of memory, derealisation, shame, exhaustion, intense anger, disconnection and longing.

• Around 1 in 5 will be impacted by post-natal depression during and/or after pregnancy
• 70% of mums will hide or underplay their illness
• Suicide is still the leading cause of direct maternal death in the first postnatal year

For more information about PND awareness and support please visit the Pandas Foundation.

You can donate to the Pandas Foundation here.

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