Short Story Entries

  • The New Normal – by Brought Me Here
    They keep calling it “the new normal”, but what does that mean?We’ve seen acts of incredible selflessness, but at the same time we’ve seen others being selfish. I’ve heard neighbours arguing with each other from window to window. Disagreements below […]
  • Lockdown – by Amber Young aged 10
    Coronavirus has been difficult for so many people.  I have had some ‘wobbly’ days but mostly, I am GRATEFUL for: G – Greatest Grandparents. R –  Really nice weather. (most of the time) A – Awesome friends. T – Trees, […]
  • The Coronavirus Outbreak – by Sam Sturdy
    Once in a small market in China, a 20-year-old man was selling fish. The man was called Jim and he had not been doing very well with business.Jim said, “What a bad day like always.” Ten minutes later, a country […]
  • One Touch of Nature – by Eleanor Sturdy
    I arrived in Primrose Hill a long time ago and thought there was nothing I hadn’t seen.But what on earth has been going on this year? In March, suddenly, the skies cleared, with no tracks from the metal birds. We […]
  • Living in Lockdown 2020 by Mrs Freda Brown, Primrose Hill, NW1 – by Maureen Betts
    Well this new way of life for the residents of Primrose Hill has not really affected me because I live in my family fox hole at the back of Primrose Hill and I can come and go as I please. […]
  • Block 5 – by Jamie Maddison
    If you’ve come by this account, then one of only two things could’ve happened to me. Either I’m there, standing right besides you – most likely with a mad grin on my face on account of the fresh air. Or […]
  • A Covid-19 Chronicle – by Judith Pearson
    Who’d believe it? I just read this witticism on the internet:“Jewish Irony: Passover cancelled because of a plague.”Made me laugh and wondered if I should mark my door – even though I’m an atheist! But it’s not funny, living alone, […]
  • Stuck in London: When something bad, becomes something good somehow – by Adrielly Calil
    A pandemic is bad, very bad. But somehow, for some people, it may have brought some good things. Some people started studying, others started playing a new instrument. Some realized that going to the office is something that does not […]
  • Untitled – by Annie Macdonald
    It seemed to me enough that you knew that I was no longer in love with you and that things were going to have to change. So it’s not the case that “without any word” I went to instruct a […]
  • It’s Almost Like Nothing has Changed – by Hannah Clough
    It’s almost like nothing has changed. If I sit in the park and close my eyes, it’s almost like nothing has changed. Sunlight kisses my eyelashes, my nose, the curve of my neck, each freckle. It holds me, each ray […]
  • It was the Parrot’s Fault – by Kevin Bucknall
    If I am going to be honest, it was the parrot’s fault. I admit that maybe I am a bit to blame, and certainly I am the one that might, just might, be punished. But then again how can one […]
  • The Forrest Gump of Primrose Hill – by Garry Mancini
    The adjustment to life in Lockdown took longer than anticipated. It seemed like the whole nation was becoming addicted to carbs, 7.00pm cocktail hours and binge watching of movies and box sets. 7.00pm became 6.30pm, 6.30pm became 6.00pm until the […]
  • Ava’s Story – by Rachel Osborn
    Everyday is normal right? Everyday you wake up dreading to go to school for a whole week. My life is everything but normal! It all started at school… Josie and me were walking to Spanish class talking about the homework. […]
  • The Ceiling Fan and Mosquito Swarm – Anonymous
    Static from the television, like an intoxicated mass of mosquitoes rocks me to sleep, my eyelids barely open, like eggy half-moons, staring at the ceaseless circling of a ceiling fan. Its dull blades swim through the mosquito swarm in my […]