Paddington 2 Review

The film Paddington 2 was largely filmed on location in Primrose Hill, pretending to be Windsor Gardens in Notting Hill where the original books were set. 

Local resident Holly Collis, aged 13, reviews the new film…

ReThe marmalade-loving, polite and sometimes naïve bear returns in Paddington 2, where he tries to find his Aunt Lucy a birthday present in an antique shop and comes across a pop-up book of London.

Unfortunately he has to save up money in order to buy it so becomes a window cleaner, going on a washing spree around Windsor Gardens and making the residents happier with their improved windows.

However, another motivated buyer for the book disguises himself and steals the book, but Paddington catches him in the act. When he chases the thief along the Camden canal on dog-back, he is convicted of theft by the police as the thief disappears into thin air!

The Browns go around Windsor Gardens trying to discover clues and find out who the thief is and why he wants the pop-up book, while Paddington spends time in jail finding friends to clear his name.

This summer, if you were lucky enough, you might have seen the newspaper stall at the end of Chalcot Crescent and the film crew and even possibly some of the actors working around the set.

A couple of Primrose Hill residents who watched the film recently said it deserved at least five stars and was a huge improvement on the last one, due to the great range of comedy and action scenes.

It was wonderfully creative and a joy to watch. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet!

Review by Holly Collis, aged 13.