Anna Dé Dreams

This is the mantra of Anna Dé, inspired by the track of one of her favourite musicians, Jamie Lidell. She recently launched her event business, Anna Dé Dreams (pun intended), that specialises in wedding and party planning. Anna is inspired to make your celebration dreams come true.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]A self-confessed romantic, Anna truly understands just how significant certain life events can be.[/perfectpullquote]

A self-confessed romantic, Anna truly understands just how significant certain life events can be. Central to the philosophy of Anna Dé Dreams is the importance of the personal touch. To Anna, weddings, engagements and anniversaries are all celebrations of life and love. Art, fashion, parties, travel and spending time with loved ones are all personal passions of Anna, and she channels this into creating bespoke events for you.

Anna with Harriet at Harriet Kelsal Bespoke Jewellery

Born in north-west London to an Indian father and an English mother, with Irish and Scottish roots, Anna has always straddled multiple cultures. Some of her earliest memories include being in awe of the beautiful and ornate Indian wedding invitations that would come through the post, and the excitement this would generate. Perhaps this has something to do with her love of special occasions, from the anticipation phase to the actual day. Speaking with Anna, it became apparent that she would like to replicate this feeling for her clients, getting involved in everything from building excitement around their event to creating a flawless experience on the special day.

With an academic background in International Relations and European Studies, Anna embarked on a career in International Consultancy. This served to enhance her already cosmopolitan outlook: her career has taken across the world, to cities like Brussels and Washington DC. With the rise of globalisation and technology, we live in an increasingly interconnected world. As a result, celebratory occasions have taken on different trends. Anna’s global exposure and international lifestyle have allowed her to keep her finger on the pulse. With an appreciation of celebration styles across different cultures, the perspective she brings is invaluable.

Though Anna has enjoyed a successful career in consultancy, she felt a yearning to express herself creatively. She often found herself helping friends to organise events in her free time. In 2017, a conversation with a friend led to an initial seed being planted, and by the end of the year, Anna decided to take the plunge. She trained with the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (UKAWP), and fell completely in love with all that party planning entailed. Her love of styling, sense of fun, natural dreaminess and passion for organisation seemed to come together perfectly for this role.

Anna Dé takes pride in her ability to create a smooth experience for her clients, allowing them to relax and enjoy the process. Equipped with her ‘dream team’ of top suppliers and consultants, Anna describes her own role as the composer: to ensure that all the elements of an event come together seamlessly to create a magical experience.

Based in the heart of Primrose Hill, Anna is always amazed at how the area has managed to retain its ‘village feel’, despite being located so near to the heart of central London. Having moved here some years ago, she has immersed herself in local life, and feels proud to be part of the local community. You can find her having brunch at Greenberry, enjoying a glass of wine at the Engineer pub, or taking in the view of London from the hill.

Article by Angela Kane
Photography by Lars Christiansen



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