Primrose Hill Entrepreneurs: Emilie Raaberg

Local entrepreneur Petar Savic talks to some of the start-ups and small businesses running from Primrose Hill. This month he meets Emilie Raaberg from The Better Home Company.

Why did you start a business in trades?

We wanted to reinvent the industry. People often perceive using tradesmen and tradeswomen as a total nightmare. And it shouldn’t be that way. The Better Home Company aims to shake things up so that people can expect an excellent service every single time. We give a level of customer service that is not currently present in the industry.

What did you do before the Better Home Company?

I worked as a data and technology consultant in marketing technologies at a large media agency called Mindshare.

Why did you decide to launch a start-up?

I loved my previous job, but have always been fascinated by entrepreneurship. There is something very powerful (as well as scary) about having control over your own destiny! However, when the opportunity came to be part of the founding team of the Better Home Company, I couldn’t resist. I truly believe in what our company stands for: shaking up the industry and providing an excellent customer service that is currently not present in the field.

What have the challenges been?

Getting everything ready in time for the launch. It’s been fun, but a big challenge to make sure we had everything on the list and in the right order. There are a lot of things to take care of, from branding, to advertising, vans, IT systems, etc. Luckily our team consists of people who are specialists in each of these areas and we work super-well together, so everyone has been amazing at getting it all ready in time. We also have a team of 100 tradesmen and women to look after!

How did you get funded?

All five directors pitched in to get the firm off the ground. The nature of the business is very generative, but we will see what the future brings.

Why do you like about being an entrepreneur?

What I really love is the fact that when you get an idea, you need to take it from start to finish. There is no bureaucracy or rigid system as in large corporations. In the latter situation, ideas and new initiatives can often get lost and dropped because they need to go through approval stages in other departments, resulting in a loss of momentum. In a start-up, that doesn’t happen. You own the task or idea and you can just go for it. That’s exciting.

What are you currently working on?

Our team is busy every day helping our customers. It is part of people’s lifestyle to use different services such as Deliveroo, Uber, etc. We want to be part of people’s lifestyle. They call us to repair, maintain or improve anything in their homes. That’s why we provide all types of home services.

Any advice for other people looking to work with start-ups?

Be realistic, but also optimistic. Assess your current situation, and if you have all the means to get started, then just do it! Believe in yourself and your product. Our company motto, which aligns with our core values, is: Work hard and be nice to people! That’s what we live by every day.

What do you love about Primrose Hill?

The community, for sure! It’s such a beautiful area, with people always being friendly and chatty when you meet them in the park or on the high street. It’s like a little oasis in the busy city of London.

Where can readers find out more about your services?

Our Instagram is constantly updated with our latest projects: @the_better_home_company.

For more info, check out our website:

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