Have Your Magic: Gong Baths

Have Your Magic Healing and Hypnotherapy founder Nicole Harvey offers monthly gong baths at the Library.

The power of sound healing

Sound healing is proving an effective way to cope with the stress that comes from our over-stimulation from devices that trigger our ‘flight or flight’ response. Sound healing techniques with the voice – singing, humming and chanting – all help the body; while immersive sound baths, meaning lying down relaxing to gongs, singing bowls or tuning forks, can be massively restorative.

“Sound is the medicine of the future.”

Edgar Cayce

Nicole explains that everything has a vibration, and when we are out of tune disease presents itself. Most ancient cultures recognised the healing power of sound. Indigenous cultures across the world understand sound as responsible for the beginning of creation. Historians even discovered that there were sound healing chambers inside the pyramids.

What happens in a gong bath?

We’ve all struggled to relax and meditate, haven’t we? The gong bypasses our mental chatter; it promotes incredible relaxation as the sound rushes over us, and vibrations in the body promote ease and shift any energy stuck in the body. Studies have shown that the gong helps facilitate a deepening of brain wave states from alpha to theta and even delta. This transition activates the parasympathetic nervous system to balance the over-taxed sympathetic nervous system, relieving stress, balancing mood and healing physical injuries. Clients have reported trapped nerves being released and kidney stones being passed, while cancer patients and anxiety sufferers have found relaxation and insomniacs have slept. Like all energy work, it can be detoxifyin,; so it is important to keep hydrated pre- and post-gong bath.

Nicole creates a safe space for a beautiful journey. She invites everyone to lie down and set an intention – perhaps to release something, or gain more courage or self-love. The gong creates so many rich layers of sound, even intriguing whale-song sounds. She may use other instruments with enchanting gentle sounds – a crystal pyramid, chimes, kalimba or her voice. The session lasts for an hour.

Nicole offers bespoke sessions from therapy centres in St Georges Mews and Token House in the City, and well-being events for corporate or private clients. She enjoys helping adults and children to overcome trauma and learn tools to cope.

Broadcaster Jasmine Dotiwala was so amazed by the power of a gong session that Nicole and her gong featured on The Scene for BBC Radio London.

The gong baths will be at Primrose Hill Community Library on 4 April and 14 May 14, 6.50‒8 pm.

For information and pre-booking, visit www.haveyourmagic.com
Tickets are also available on the door, priced £15.

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