News & Views – June 2019

Art for Sale in Adam Simmonds

Local artist Jennifer Louise Martin is exhibiting some of her work for sale at Adam Simmonds optometrists. Her paintings are from a series of small portrait works on paper featuring opticals, which explore texture, colour, pattern and gesture through the application of paint.

Jennifer is available to take commissions at [email protected]

Quiet Hour at Morrison’s for Autistic Shoppers

Morrison’s have introduced a ‘quiet hour’ to allow shoppers affected by autism to shop without having to deal with undue noise and bright lights. Between 9 and 10 am every Saturday the lights will be dimmed, music turned off, tannoy announcements stopped and the volume on self-service checkouts turned down low.

The scheme was created with input from the National Autistic Society, which says that people with autism find supermarket shopping an anxious experience. More info at:

Bid for The Ring!

The Primrose Hill Community Library has been given a treasured box set of Wagner’s Ring on vinyl. It is a full set of the operas with Sir Georg Solti conducting. But since the Library does not have a record collection, we are offering it to the highest local bidder, in aid of Library funds. Send in your bid by 15 June to [email protected]

Thank you to Olga and Eddie

Olga Cardona Lenis and Eddie Caveney have been involved with Primrose Hill Community Association in an official capacity since 2006. Olga has been their cleaner and key-holder, while Eddie often helped and filled in for Olga, together with their son John-Alex. Olga hails from Colombia and has written a book in Spanish about her life experiences. They retired at the end of May and the Community Association held a celebration for them with wine, tea and a small spread. We’d like to thank them and pass on our best wishes for a healthy and happy retirement.