News & Views – May 2019

Harriet Kelsall Wins at the Business Book Awards

Congratulations to Harriet Kelsall, whose book The Creative Guide to Starting a Business has won at the Business Book Awards 2019.

The judges commended Harriet’s ‘outstanding’ book, recognising its value in helping people with a creative passion turn their talent into a career.
Harriet’s book was chosen as the best ‘business start-up inspiration’ because of its helpful and practical advice. It tells the story of how she built her business from her kitchen table in Primrose Hill to become one of the UK’s leading bespoke jewellery companies.

Harriet said, “I am delighted to have received this award. It is my hope that what I have learned over the 20 years I’ve been building my jewellery business may be passed on to other creative people considering turning their talent into a career.”

As a dyslexic, Harriet never dreamt that one day she’d be an award-winning published author. She believes that her dyslexia has been an advantage in driving her business forward as it enabled her to ‘think outside the box’, and she hopes that this award may prove to other dyslexics that anything is possible if you persist.

Alongside running her business, Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery, Harriet is the current chair of the National Association of Jewellers, a non-executive director of the international Responsible Jewellery Council and of the government’s Hallmarking Council. Harriet is a regular keynote speaker, mentors creative start-ups and is a passionate believer in improving ethics within the jewellery industry.

Primrose Hill Supper Club

Local resident Emanuelle Lee will be hosting supper clubs in the coming months. Based on the theme of ‘family dinner’, they will be all about sharing great (Middle Eastern/Israeli) food, making new friends and just taking time out to enjoy a lovely meal.

The inaugural supper club will be held at Melrose and Morgan on 9 May. For more information, visit Instagram or Twitter at @manuskitchen

‘Resist – Things Artists Do Whilst Learning to Teach’

Showing at the Freelands Foundation on Regent’s Park Road is a collaborative project with 27 artist teachers from the Art & Design PGCE course at UCL, Institute of Education. ‘Resist – Things Artists Do Whilst Learning to Teach’ came about following time spent in placements at London-based schools. The show, along with an accompanying publication, captures the insights and ideas of artists at the start of their teaching careers. It aims to reflect the feeling of entering teaching at a challenging time when the value of artistic practices is being questioned, and explores how artists balance the demands of life in schools with their own work.

The show runs until 9 June – more info at

That Sh*t Will Never Sell!

Do you remember Le Piat d’Or? Or Aqua Libra? Are you a fan of Baileys, Ciroc vodka or The Singleton? Those famous drinks and many others were the creation of a man who has lived in the area for 45 years. This is David Gluckman, who is a creator of drinks brands and has written a book about his extraordinary job called That Sit Will Never Sell! (It’s what an American pundit said about Baileys when he first tasted it).

Printed in full colour and lavishly illustrated, the book is loaded with entertaining stories about how and why these drinks began. Did you know that the original Baileys prototype took 45 minutes to develop and was based on cream, Irish whiskey and drinking chocolate bought from a Soho supermarket? Or that Le Piat d’Or red wine was modelled on Blue Nun, with red food colouring?

The book retails for £25 and can be ordered at Or email the author at for a home delivery in Primrose Hill.

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