The 274 Bus

Since the single-decker 274 was replaced with a double-decker, the frequency of buses has deteriorated, with often a wait of up to 35 minutes. At bus stops which are shared with other routes, several other buses will arrive before a lone 274. Clearly we have fewer vehicles on our route. Apparently eighteen single-decker buses have become twelve double-deckers. There are scarcely more seats, just longer, uncertain waits and often almost empty top decks.

The 274 is our only bus, and serves the zoo, the mosque, Lord’s, Camden Market, Oxford Street, Primrose Hill School and Oldfield, many of whose residents are dependent on it. The double-decker doesn’t suit the elderly; there are only three banks of seats (not all with priority stickers) before a step. The step deters passengers from moving to seats further back, and the crowded area by the door makes it hard for the less able to hang on to a pole.

The 274 is run by Metroline, but they are only contactable through TFL. Please email complaints to support our Councillors, Pat Callaghan and Richard Cotton, who have been most helpful over this. Be specific about the time, the stop, length of wait, the number of buses of other routes arriving and whether the priority seats were full.


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