Untitled – by Abtin Tafti

Once upon a time there was a world with lots to do and lots of places to go and ohh…yes lots of people to see, but one day it all changed. Somehow the life on the outside stopped and the life inside began to expand “so what do we do inside?”
Our story is about a little boy who wakes up one day to a room of his dreams surrounded with everything that he likes with a flick of his imagination he could create everything that he wanted and all the places that he wanted to go.

On that day his mum to his surprise made him some glasses but not any type of glasses, special glasses , they were magical. yes magical glasses!
So one of the glasses was blue and the other one was green. He quickly picks up the blue glasses and asks his mother” what do they do?” “ what are they for ?” sounded very excited.
His mother replied “ why don’t you try them on”? With a kind smile on her face.
He puts on the glasses with no hesitation, all the sudden he sees himself in the middle of the sea with a lot of different and colorful fish around him. He swims around the sea looking for different things to see.
“There comes a shark. I better hide, I don’t want to be eaten by a shark” He said to himself as he tried to hide behind the biggest rock he could find.
He waits until the shark passes. Luckily he did not see him. As he tried to swim around again, he saw a pack of Dolphins. He is so glad to see them. He sure is not scared of the dolphins as they are the friendliest underwater creatures. He decides to go closer to say hi. The dolphins were so happy to see him too. He sits on the back of one of the Dolphins and they all swim to the surface where he could see the daylight. It was all bright and sunny.

Suddenly he hears his mum calling him.
“Do you want to try the Green Glasses?” asked his mum.
“Yes, yes” he replied.
He puts on the Green Glasses.
“What can you see?” his mum asked.
“ I’m in the middle of the jungle with lots of trees and animals around me.”
He starts walking around the jungle. Suddenly a Lion who was hiding behind the bushes jumped right in front of him. At first he was very scared, but the Lion did not want to hurt in fact he was very friendly. He wanted to show him around the jungle and introduce him to the other animals. “That sounds very exciting,” he thought to himself .

“It’s time to watch your favourite movie now” he could hear his mum saying.
He took off the glasses and ran to his mum. “Mum the Lion in the jungle was about to show me around, but I want to watch the movie now.
His mum madea big bowl of popcorn. They pulled down all the curtains, it was as dark as inside a Cinema.
“Come, come, the movie is about to start” he shouted to his mum.

After all that, he said to himself “that was an exciting day!”
It’s true that I can not do most things I used to do or go to most places, But I can make the most of the things I can do, or do the things I couldn’t do before.

It will all turn out good with the hint of imagination.

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