For Fox Sake

Not so long ago, it was a novelty, and rather thrilling, to see a fox skirting the edges of Primrose Hill. Now of course, they are a familiar sight, and for better or worse, making themselves thoroughly at home (who can blame them).

Although many of us despair of them burrowing under our gardens, I doubt there would be much enthusiasm for a cull. The issue of fox hunting may divide public opinion, but Manna in Primrose Hill, being a vegan restaurant, comes down firmly on the side of the hunt saboteurs.

The North London Hunt Saboteurs are the North London branch of the Hunt Saboteurs Association. They are an anti-speciesist collective, protecting wildlife from hunters through non-violent direct action. Their aim is to stand up to hunting in all its forms and at least once a week they’re to be found in the field, attempting to prevent fox hunting.

On Saturday 6 August, they will be hosting the Fantastic Fox Fundraising Feast at Manna. There will be vegan food and treats, live music, a raffle and merchandise available. Tickets are £25 and include a vegan meal and wine.

Tickets are available at

6 August, 6-9 pm
Manna London
4 Erskine Rd, London NW3 3AJ

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