Primrose Hill Park Closures

The long, warm evenings are back again, with many young people choosing to enjoy time outdoors with friends on Primrose Hill. The past two summers saw record numbers of partygoers on the hill, as other venues were forced to close during the pandemic.

There are now more options for young people, with bars and clubs open once more, but Primrose Hill is still an attractive place to spend summer evenings. The majority of visitors are respectful, but unfortunately, complaints of noise and anti-social behaviour have been reported.

Consequently, The Royal Parks have announced that Primrose Hill park is set to be closed to the public this weekend from 10pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Temporary fencing will be installed at the entrances to the park and the situation will be monitored over the next few weeks. The Royal Parks will be working closely with the police to keep the situation under review, and hope that this short-term action will provide a solution.

A spokesperson for the Royal Parks has asked that all visitors be mindful of others and respect the park and local residents.