Primrose Hill ‘Streateries’

During the pandemic restrictions, Camden Council set up a ‘streatery’ in Regent’s Park Road, to enable cafés and restaurants to provide food for customers outside, with more space to social distance. Whilst this was good for trade in the hospitality businesses, retail outlets were concerned about the removal of parking spaces in order to create space for these outside tables and chairs.

Now that customers are free to eat indoors again, residents are questioning whether these areas still need to be fenced off, or whether cars can return and park. Some of the tables and chairs have already been removed but the barriers which demarcated them, still remain. They have called on the council to review the situation, and decide which are to remain. While the restaurants are mainly in favour of the expanded table space, some shopkeepers feel the barriers and lack of parking spaces serve to drive customers away.

‘Steateries’ were also created in Belsize Square and elsewhere in the area.

To see more images of our streateries, check out the website Primrose Hill Streateries: A delightful blend of rubbish and street furniture.

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