Primrose Hill People: Chiara Rossi

Turn at 100 k.p.h with a G-force of 5… Primrose Hill’s speed junky gets her highs on the water. The Mole decides he would rather not be battered in Chiara Rossi’s powerboat, but would graciously drink a glass of rather special Chianti selected by her. For many of us in Primrose Hill twenty-nine-year-old Chiara Rossi is the charming assistant manager of Negozio Classica, the wine … Continue reading Primrose Hill People: Chiara Rossi

Tina Nardo – The Lollypop Lady

Why did the mole cross the road? So that he could talk to the lollypop lady, of course. Lollypop ladies are human zebra crossings. The first ones started working outside primary schools in 1967. The safe crossing with the yellow globe had been introduced by Leslie Hors-Belisha in 1934; and the black and white striped zebra crossings, so named by Jim Callaghan, appeared in 1949. … Continue reading Tina Nardo – The Lollypop Lady