Stanley Johnson meets Jon Snow

One night at the end of July, two literary and political titans met at Cecil Sharp House to celebrate the publication of a new political thriller called Kompromat. The author is Stanley Johnson, famous father of famous son Boris; and the interviewer, or referee, was our local Jon Snow, hotfoot from finishing his evening stint on Channel 4 News. The first thing you need to … Continue reading Stanley Johnson meets Jon Snow

Humus and HS2 with MP Sir Keir Starmer

Our local MP Sir Keir Starmer talked to Micael Johnstone just before the general election about food, politics and some of the hot topics impacting on Primrose Hill. Keir Starmer looked surprisingly fresh-faced and relaxed as he arrived for our interview, closely followed by various aides and Labour Party campaigners scurrying to escape a brief summer shower. It had been a pretty hectic few weeks … Continue reading Humus and HS2 with MP Sir Keir Starmer

Goodbye: Frank Dobson MP

Labour’s Frank Dobson steps down as MP after 35 years. Interviewed by David Lennon. Genial, warm, engaging; a wit and raconteur whose blunt, eloquent and passionate advocacy, especially on housing and the NHS, has served the voters of Camden for 35 years. Frank Dobson became Labour MP for Holborn and St Pancras in 1979 and finally retired from parliament in May. And boy, are we … Continue reading Goodbye: Frank Dobson MP