Mental Health Awareness Week

Primrose Hill Community Association

Nature and the Environment, 10–16 May

Mental Health Awareness Week was established by the Mental Health Foundation twenty-one years ago and continues to be an annual opportunity for the whole of the UK to focus on mental health. Each year the Foundation sets a theme, which this year is Nature and the Environment.

We instinctively know that we feel better for spending time in nature, even if we do not know why. This week of presentations and conversations will be a chance for us to improve our understanding and experience of the healing power of nature.

Online events

  • Mission Invertebrate – May Webber – Monday 10 May, 7–8.15 pm
  • Gardening for Mental Health – Nichola Daunton – Tuesday 11 May, 7–8.15 pm
  • Our Energetic Nature Qi Gong taster class with MayMay Knight – Wednesday 12 May, 4–5 pm
  • Open Forum with psychiatrists Drs Gupta and Bhugra – Wednesday 12 May, 7–8.15 pm
  • The Healing Power of Nature – Ratnadeva Sean Quigley – Thursday 13 May, 7–8.15 pm
  • You’re a Bit of an Animal – Jane Shaw – Friday 14 May, 7–8.15 pm

Real World Events

  • Tree Walk: Live event – Wednesday 26 May, 10.30 am

Please register your interest at Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 – Primrose Hill Community Association (

“If we speak of things as inert or inanimate objects, we deny their ability to actively engage and interact with us – we foreclose their capacity to reciprocate our attentions, to draw us into silent dialogue, to inform and instruct us.”

David Abram, Becoming Animal

If you need help with mental health issues, especially those which include drugs and alcohol, click here.

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