Welcome to June – Editor’s Letter

Maggie Chambers, OTH Editor

I’ve just read Alan Bennett’s House Arrest, which is his account of living in Primrose Hill throughout the pandemic. Like many of us he found solace in Regent’s Park, endured home haircuts, and found one of our inquisitive foxes in his garden. It ends with him being finally permitted to travel again to Yorkshire and (to my joy, being a fellow Yorkshire-ite) took his readers along with him through Leeds and into the Dales. There are some laugh-out-loud bits, particularly relating to his haircut.

Meanwhile, just around the corner, Phil Reavey also used his lockdown to make an artistic contribution. Phil lives in Oldfield and has totally transformed his flat, painting all the walls – and doors – in the manner of a Mondrian painting. It’s quite spectacular and certainly a better use of lockdown time than binge-watching Netflix.

Now that we’re pretty much free to come and go as we please, there’s plenty going on in the area this summer. The jewel in the crown – sorry, had to do it – is the Royal Garden Party on 5 June in Chalcot Square. The event will be organised by the Primrose Hill Community Association to mark the 70-year reign of the Queen. It will be held on Sunday 5 June between 12 noon and 5pm. Don your silk headscarves and come and join the fun.

Primrose Hill has, as ever, rallied to the events in Ukraine, and there have been a number of supportive initiatives. There’s still an ongoing fundraiser which aims to raise urgent medical supplies for Ukrainian hospitals. Check out the details on page 14 and donate if you can.
Enjoy the summer and I hope to see you in Chalcot Square on 5 June!

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