Protect the Parks by not having BBQs

The Royal Parks charity is reminding people that BBQs are not permitted in the parks, due to the risk of causing an accidental fire which could destroy wildlife, landscapes and be a danger to visitors.

Several fires are accidentally started in the Royal Parks every year by embers and ash falling from disposable BBQs.

The fires can have a devastating effect, destroying historic parkland that hosts a rich diversity of wildlife and wiping out valuable wildflower meadowland.  In previous years, fires have destroyed veteran trees, destroyed flower seed banks, and harmed or even killed birds and mammals.

The charity warns that fires have started when people have positioned their BBQs under the shade of large trees which could be hundreds of years old. Some of the oldest trees in the parks have become hollow over time, creating a chimney effect when a fire starts – enabling the fire to spread through the tree rapidly, destroying the tree and killing animals.

As well as the impacts to the important natural environment, these fires also pose risks to people and property including those people tackling the fires.

Please do not use BBQs and protect this wonderful wildlife.

“No-one ever believes it’ll be their actions that cause a fire, but fires can start easily. Please protect wildlife and leave no trace by enjoying a picnic not a BBQ, and by taking any litter home if the bins are full.”

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