Windows on the Past: The Chalk Farm Tavern

Windows on the Past throws some light on buildings and businesses in Primrose Hill. Small Inn Attached to a Farm Lower Chalcot was an ancient farm sited up a lane which led west from the main Hampstead road. It may have offered refreshments from a very early date, as it was a convenient stopping place for those journeying north/south. The first definite reference to a tavern … Continue reading Windows on the Past: The Chalk Farm Tavern

Memories of St Paul’s Caretaker

Ron Holding tells us about his memories of St Paul’s CE Primary School, Primrose Hill… I’m still wondering how many times I have opened gates, changed loo rolls; how many teachers, how many kids; I’ll work it out later. My father-in-law was a school-keeper in Pimlico. He suggested I try for a job in a school. I had changed from being a chef to trying my … Continue reading Memories of St Paul’s Caretaker

Keep your cool

On sunny summer Sundays the population of Primrose Hill seems to explode, as fellow Londoners and savvy tourists flock to enjoy our wonderful views, shops and eateries. This is great for local businesses and brings a buzzing holiday vibe. However, the sea of merry picnickers on the hill and minor traffic chaos on Regent’s Park Road can feel a little overwhelming, especially as the mercury … Continue reading Keep your cool

Policing Primrose Hill

We put a number of readers’ questions to the police, who are responsible for enforcing the Royal Parks’ regulations. “The Metropolitan Police hold Community Ward panels every 6 to 8 weeks to ensure that local policing teams are tackling the problems highlighted by park users and local residents,” reports Mark Ottowell, of the Met’s Territorial Policing press office. “The objective is to get information and … Continue reading Policing Primrose Hill

A Happy High Street?

Our urban environments are always evolving and Primrose Hill is no different. Local businesses make a significant contribution to the unique ‘village’ lifestyle enjoyed by Primrose Hill residents. Micael Johnstone explores the trends driving some of the Hill’s recent changes and looks at ways in which local shops and restaurants can continue to thrive. Walking through Primrose Hill on a sunny day and browsing the … Continue reading A Happy High Street?

Behind the stalls: A day in the life of Primrose Hill Market.

Last orders in The Queen’s has long gone, the early morning runners are yet to brave the Primrose Hill summit, and the school’s weekday residents are all tucked up in bed – it’s time for the weekend to take hold at St Paul’s primary school… Morning! Bleary-eyed and still getting used to the steadiness of dry land, it’s 4.30 a.m. and resident fishmonger Mick from … Continue reading Behind the stalls: A day in the life of Primrose Hill Market.

Primrose Hill People: Nick Crane

According to the Daily Mail, Nicholas Crane, co-presenter of Coast and prize-winning author, is a ‘national treasure’. He modestly assures me that they haven’t always been so complimentary towards him. I meet Nick to talk about his masterwork of a book: The Making of the British Landscape. It is the story of how humans have shaped our habitat and how it has shaped us in … Continue reading Primrose Hill People: Nick Crane

Silent Movies at the Film Show

After an unscheduled winter break while the floor of the library was being repaired, the monthly film shows there resumed in triumphant fashion on 7 March with an exhilarating evening of early silent movies. A packed and enthusiastic audience enjoyed the excitements of The Great Train Robbery, which was made in 1903, and a full-length action drama entitled The Signal Tower (1924). The programme was … Continue reading Silent Movies at the Film Show