Welcome to June

It’s strange to think that the last time we celebrated a coronation, we were fresh out of the Second World War. Many people in Primrose Hill lost their lives and were injured, and many houses were damaged. There were anti-aircraft guns at the top of Primrose Hill and air raid shelters at the foot of the hill. It’s hard to imagine now, but Martin Sheppard brings a taste of what our neighbourhood was like in wartime.

The recent coronation sparked street parties in the area which were joyous celebrations of community. It was lovely reconnecting with neighbours I’d met at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations last summer. The best part was having the street closed and all the kids playing football together. Must we always wait for the Royals to do something significant before we fraternise with our neighbours! 

However, there are still plenty of opportunities to socialise throughout the summer. The Primrose Hill Festival and Dog Show will be back on Regent’s Park Road on 11 June, and the Primrose Hill Community Association will hold a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in Chalcot Square on Sunday 2 July. The Friends of Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill have a full schedule of events, and the Primrose Hill Lecture Series will run through June covering a range of topical issues.

The gloriously verdant Hadley Freeman on the front cover has been a big supporter of community events in Primrose Hill since she moved here. In this issue she speaks to the Mole on the Hill about journalism and her struggles with anorexia, which are recorded in her latest book, Good Girls.

So you now have all the information you need to navigate your way around Primrose Hill this summer. Enjoy!

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