Cinema Sounds and Secrets with Brian Cox

Janet Dulin Jones, screenwriter and playwright, and her wingman, actor, John Schwab have created a podcast, Cinema Sounds and Secrets which aims to take you on an exciting & revealing journey through the great films of the last 120 years of cinema.

Their first celebrity guest host is Janet’s long-time friend, actor-writer-producer and Primrose Hill resident, Brian Cox. This will be aired in December and they’ll dive into talking about acting and the greatest crime movies that started the genre.

The podcast pulls back the curtain to reveal behind-the-scene secrets and stories on how the best movies came to be made. Whatever genre you prefer, comedies, dramas, thrillers, mysteries, action movies, silent movies, animation, musicals, romances, bromances, girlmances – you name it – they’ll talk about it.   You’ll hear fantastic trivia about your favourite movies and learn about great films you’ve never seen – but will want to watch after hearing their podcast. 

Tune in to hear a goldmine of stories, fun facts, celebrity interviews, memorable film scenes, quotes, brilliant film scores and classic songs. Subscribe to Cinema Sounds & Secrets and learn everything you ever wanted to know about movies but had no one to ask!

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