My Primrose Hill: Wafa Abou El Hassan

Wafa Abou El Hassan
Wafa Abou El Hassan

Wafa Abou El Hassan is Manager of Shepherds Foods since 1999, in conversation with Phil Cowan.

My earliest memory of Primrose Hill is
I was struck by what a lovely place it was, full of friendly people and with a literary atmosphere and great shops.

The best thing about Primrose Hill is
The real sense of community which is created by the locals who are an unusually cheerful set of people.

The worst thing about Primrose Hill is
The break ins and vandalism that have emerged. Rare in the past but all too frequent now.

My favourite place in Primrose Hill is
I have no favourite – I like all of it!

If I had the power the one change to Primrose Hill I would make is
I’d rather not make changes to what we’ve got! I’d like to conserve the current Primrose Hill!

The person I would appoint as President of the Republic of Primrose Hill is
Alan Bennett

The change I have most noticed in the time I have worked in Primrose Hill is
The changing face of the community which constantly evolves as new people arrive here.

What Primrose Hill lacks is
I worry what’s possibly lacking is some of the new arrivals’ engagement with the community. The soaring cost of property in Primrose Hill has encouraged a culture of investment by people who are rarely here. That’s a shame as it means they are not using local shops or facilities.

What makes me laugh most about Primrose Hill is
Working where I do I am constantly laughing with all the hilarious people that come to the shop!

If I couldn’t work in Primrose Hill where would I go?
I’d retire!