Treasure in the Drains

Garnet Ampong remembers Primrose Hill in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I lived with my family at flat 3, 46 Fitzroy Road, we were there between 1988-1995. I know […]

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Kiki & John

By Julie Stapleton Yoga with Kiki A case in point was when Kiki rang the centre to talk about her yoga studio and classes. Yoga is very popular both at […]

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Katy Taylor

My Primrose Hill with Style Editor and resident Katy Taylor. What made you choose Primrose Hill as a place to live? I used to live in Tufnell Park,but often found […]

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Through The Keyhole

I moved to Primrose Hill in September 2015. I knew nothing about the area: I just thought it looked rather lovely! I quickly got involved with Primrose Hill Community Association, […]

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Afloat On The Hill

As an inhabitant of Cumberland Basin, overhearing visitors on St Marks Bridge discussing my lifestyle is a daily occurrence. Whilst a few do have to be convinced that, yes, people […]

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Marc Ward (AKA The Bushman Gardener)

My Primrose Hill: In conversation with Marc Ward Aka The Bushman Gardener… When did you arrive in Primrose Hill? Just a simple Kiwi, I arrived in England over 30 years ago. I […]

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