Summer Pet Awareness

Whilst summer sun and warmth can be very pleasant for the human population it is not always so for our pets.

Dogs and cats do not perspire like humans and can quickly overheat which can be fatal in a very short time. Never leave a pet in a parked car in the summer. Even with windows open the heat can build up very quickly leading to a very painful death. Rabbits and other small animals also need a shady spot.

White animals can also suffer from sunstroke so if possible walk them in the shade and apply sun cream. Try not to walk your dogs in the warmest part of the day and always have water handy.

98% of cats and dogs will have fleas sometime throughout their lives. This can be very harmful to the animal and not very pleasant for ourselves. Fleas live in the environment and on our pets and while they do not live on humans they will bite us especially children. There are available products which will eradicate fleas on your pets and home. Shampoo, sprays, tablets or the most effective spot on for the pet, and for the home sprays or foggers.

Prevention is better than cure so even if we are not aware of fleas they are lurking, so take action before we are aware of them.

Gail Levy from Primrose Hill Pets

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