A Primrose Hill Love Story

JC & Karmen

Primrose Hill locals Karmen Alcala from Hackett’s hairdressers and JC from L’Absinthe recently got married.

We sent Holly Collis to ask the questions we many locals wished we could ask them.

To Karmen

Holly: How did you react when JC proposed?
Karmen: It took me by surprise as I was not expecting it! I could not believe such a beautiful thing was happening to me. But I was sure he was the one for me so I said YES!
Holly: Are you happy with the ring?
Karmen: I am very happy with the beautiful ring and very lucky to receive one!
Holly: Did you enjoy the wedding itself?
Karmen: We had a fantastic day on our wedding, we were around our most important friends and family members. We couldn’t have wished for better.
Holly: Will you be at L’Absinthe all the time?
Karmen: As long as he doesn’t keep me polishing glasses then, yes! Ha ha ha. I like popping my head in to grab a coffee and say hello.
Holly: Are you excited about your honeymoon?
Karmen: I am over-excited about the honeymoon. I can’t wait. Still, it is nice to have something to look forward to after the wedding and keep celebrating.


Holly: When and where did you propose?
JC: I proposed on 14 February, Valentine’s Day! It was in a Spanish restaurant.
Holly: Did you produce a ring?
JC: Yes, she had no idea, but it was a small single solitaire diamond and she liked it very much.
Holly: Where did the wedding take place?
JC: Ah, San Sebastián, which is actually where Karmen is from and was born, because both of her parents are Donostian. I’m a Roman Catholic, which means that in the eyes of God I can only be married once, but I can be legally divorced.
Holly: Have you decided where to go on your honeymoon?
JC: It was going to be a surprise! But I can tell you that it will be in Madeira, though I can’t disclose the dates. You’ll have to wait!
Holly: What cake did you have?
JC: It was a gâteau opéra, so it included many different flavours like hazelnuts and vanilla, and it even had two plastic figures on top kissing! Like most cakes, on the wedding day it was leaning to the side throughout the whole thing!

More about JC in our interview with him from 2014

Main photo (top of the page) by Sarah Louise Ramsay



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