Andrew and the Television – Anonymous

Andrew woke up on a Saturday morning thinking about getting to watch TV before his smelly brother,Peter.Andrew liked to watch scary cartoons and Peter liked to watch cartoons that teach you something.Andrew went downstairs and before he even opened the sitting room door he heard Peter watching TV.
“Get out,Peter.I want to watch grossest rooms ever,”exclaimed Andrew horrifically.
“But Andrew, the first person downstairs gets to watch what they want,”said Peter with his doggy eyes.He did have a good point though, so Andrew had to wait until next week to watch he wants to.The following week Andrew woke up at 5:00.Even if it took him to watch morning
lullabies and then watch his cartoons, he would do it.When he went downstairs a horrible sight caught his eyes.Peter was sitting down watching Maggie’s manners.There you go another Saturday ruined.

Andrew woke up at the dead of night.He crept downstairs to put the TV
volume right up to 100.Then he put Peter’s clock an hour ahead because Dad said you are not allowed to wake up before 7:30.The next morning, Peter woke up at 6:30 because he thought it was 7:30.The terrible noise boomed through the house blasting Andrew out of bed.
“Andrew,come here this minute,”bellowed Dad.Andrew came as fast as he could.
“Wait! Wasn’t that you watching TV downstairs,”exclaimed Mum.
“That is Peter,” said Andrew happily.
“Peter come here right now.No pocket money and TV for a month,” shouted Dad.Henry was finally happy.He was watching Gladiator’s forever.Soon grossest rooms ever will be on.Wasn’t life about having fun?

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