Untitled – by Fahd El-Alami

There is a very large corgi that lives in Tokyo tower. He is around 100 ft tall and his name is congress. He is around 25 years old in dog years. This is a story about congress’s life.

Congress wakes up every morning to the beautiful sound of koto playing in the near distance. Congress wakes up and scurries down the tower scavenging for food, more specifically beans that have been fermented for the same amount of time that congress has been alive for. After a while congress gives up on finding such beans due to the rarity of them and settles for a sandwich that he stole from someone when they were not looking.

Once he finishes his breakfast he climbs the tower to read a nice comic book and look at the world around him as he awaits lunchtime. Congress sniffs a divine smell of fresh cherry blossom tea, however, he cannot locate this smell’s location, which makes him sad. Congress begins to cry, heavily tears are rolling down his face, making it seem like it is raining in just that area. Stomping sounds arise from far away, however, Congress doesn’t notice due to feeling so sad. Congress looks up and sees his best friend Godzilla coming to cheer him up. Congress’s mood completely switches up and begins to be very happy as his best friend Godzilla brings him his favorite cherry blossom tea to have with him. After they enjoy the tea together Godzilla says he has to go back home, congress is a bit sad but he knows he will see him again so he gives him a little parting gift to say goodbye for now.

It is lunchtime! Congress is excited to see what he will eat today. He climbs down the tower and sneakily checks what people are eating without getting noticed. Congress looked down and noticed a noodle stand to sell fresh noodles. Congress walks around the stand trying not to get noticed and throws some flower petals to distract people, while congress distracts them he swiftly grabs the pot of all the noodles and makes his grand escape with them. After congress finishes his meal he cleans and returns the pot to the owner by tying it to a leash and lowering it down to the owner but by doing so it hits a few things in its way, but it was nothing important.

Today the tower closed early so there were no people there when it hit dinner time. Congress didn’t know this still he climbed down and saw it was empty. Congress’s stomach roared with happiness. Congress was curious about how the people ate their food with chopsticks or a spoon, he decided to act it out because he had a rare opportunity to do so. He could sit down on one of the seats so he settled for sitting on the table, he slowly grabbed the food and put it in his mouth, however, this process began to be too slow for congress and he just started to scoop all of the food up. After a filling dinner congress climbed the tower to go to sleep, and the life of congress the very large corgi continued…

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