The Coronavirus Hero – by Logan Margarave

Everyone was on lockdown because of the coronavirus and we had just moved into Grandmas and Grandad new house. I decided to explore the new garden and noticed an old man in his garden next door. I looked over the small fence and saw an old man sitting in his chair reading the Primrose Hill local paper, he looked old with a flat cap and brown trousers and a cream shirt and his face had a small white mustache on it.

I decided to introduce myself:“I just wanted to let you know that I am your new neighbour and that my Grandma and grandad have brought this house, my name is Logan.”

The old man put his newspaper down and stood up. He looked at me again, then he said “Well Logan it’s nice to meet you! My name is Jack, I’ve not really spoke to anyone in a while, it’s been quite lonely since this coronavirus lockdown started.”

The old man looked sad, so I asked him who he lived with and it turned out that his wife had died many years ago and his children had all moved out and grown up, he told me it was lonely in the house now and he had started gardening and painting during lockdown to keep himself busy. He also told me that he had been in the navy for many years and that when he was younger he sailed all around the seas and explored new islands. He even offered me and my grandad some fruit cake which was delicious! I didn’t even notice the time and then all of a sudden it was dark! So I said goodbye to Jack and hoped that I would see him again tomorrow.

I was in my new room and was trying to fall asleep when I heard a noise coming from outside the back garden, I looked outside the window, It was very dark and hard to see, but then I saw Jack the old man from next door coming out of his shed with a large bag it made a jingle sound like it had metal in it. I watched Jack and he went around his side gate and into the front garden and down the street and into the night. I layed in bed wondering what Jack was doing and where he was going at this time of night and during the coronavirus lock down.

The next night I got into bed wondering if Jack would appear again, Then I heard another bang it came from the garden again! I quickly put my trainers on and coat and ran down the stairs into the garden, I crept quietly and spied through the fence. I could see Jack coming out of the shed with the big bag again jangling. He left the house with his facemask and gloves and off he went .. I decided to follow him! As I followed Jack we ended up down a quiet street that looked like it needed help. There was a lady outside sitting on her doorstep crying, she looked so sad. I watched Jack open his bag and leave gold coins at the end of her drive. He went around the street and left gold coins everywhere! Then once they were all
gone he started to walk back home. I followed him back home and quickly snuck back into my grandparents house and went to sleep thinking about what Jack had done and why?

In the morning I heard Jack’s back door open and I went out into the back garden, I began telling Jack that I had followed him last night and that I saw him leaving gold coins around the street he went down. He looked shocked and started to explain that he had found the gold coins when he was in the navy and that he had kept them for years in his shed locked
up. He then told me that the people he was leaving the coins for were poor and lost their jobs during the coronavirus lock down and that he wanted to help as many people in need as he could. He said he only had a small amount left and that he wanted to do his last trip tonight.

I went to bed that evening and thought about what a kind and lovely man Jack was and how I wanted to be like him when I grew up. I waited to hear him go to the shed and get his jingly bag, but I heard no noise and he did not go to the shed. The next morning an ambulance came outside Jack’s house, I was so worried I went outside the front garden and asked the
ambulance men if Jack was ok. The man said that Jack had had a fall and had to go into hospital for a few days but that Jack had left me note. The ambulance man gave me a note and it read: Dear Logan, I need you to deliver the last coins of gold for me tonight! You can do this! From Jack
I decided I would do it for Jack later that evening. I waited for everyone to go to sleep and grabbed my face mask and torch and off I went. I got to the street and left the gold coins where Jack had left them before, then I quickly ran home and crept into bed.

A few days later Jack arrived home, I rushed into the garden and peeped over the fence. I was so happy to see him there and safe! Jack thanked me and told me I was a hero for delivering the gold and that we had helped a lot of poor people. I felt glad that I had been given the chance to help the people suffering through the coronavirus and I hope one day that I can travel the world and be just like Jack!

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