Untitled – by Rahim Ali

This is a story about 5 kids who are trying to save the world, there names are Kiddy briant, Sam eggshels, James, Robert and Criptson. They all have the same hobbies, saving the world, it really is they love doing it.

Last year they saved the world from hitting a meteor. After a while, something strange happens and it looks really creepy, then the floor rumbles heavy breathing from under the ground, loud screams, violent fights, what could be happening it can’t be a earthquake then what is it.

Then they see the problem it was a monster killing everyone in just 5 seconds the gang scanned it and the scanning machine said it is a huge monster, and every 5 minutes a new monster comes in, the heroes were not scared to fight this monster it has already released 200+ monsters. The gang were ready until they heard this the only way to stop this huge monster is to get a knife not just any knife the most powerful one yet the world has ever seen.

The destination was south london, So our hero’s traveled to south london they look in every private shop and nothing to be found the gang were frustrated but “they can’t give up” as robert said. So they they kept searching until they found it in the porters shop the gang left and used time travel to get to the monsters, when they arrived it had killed over 1,000 citizens of london. They used the knife on all of of the monsters and they kiled them. The heroes were all over the newspaper they were not suprised they’ve been on it many times. They were about retire from saving the world, but suddenly there were reports of a huge meteor that will destroy the world as there journey continues.

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